Our Science curriculum aims to provide our children with engaging and highly interactive opportunities to enthuse and hook them into learning whilst developing their scientific knowledge, skills & curiosity of natural phenomena. Through real-life experiences woven throughout our Science curriculum, we aim to develop our children’s understanding of nature, processes and methods of Science. Children are exposed to a wide variety of enquiries which assist them in answering scientific questions about the world around them. 

Our Science curriculum is built around the National Curriculum and is further enhanced by the use of Developing Experts and STEM online resources which aim to lay the foundations for current and future lifelong learning by enabling children to recognise the occurrence of Science in all aspects of daily life whilst highlighting endless future career opportunities. Quality teaching, careful planning and hands-on experiences inspire our pupils and ensure they retain knowledge that is pertinent to Science. Through exploration & investigation, our children are able to explain how Science can be used to understand what is occurring in the world around them, predict how things will behave, analyse causes and draw conclusions.

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The Willows Primary School recognises and values the importance of science and scientific enquiry. Science at our school aims to develop a fun, practical and engaging high-quality curriculum that inspires the next generation to succeed and excel in science.

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During Science Week, our competition was to grow cress in the most creative way possible! We grew the cress from seeds, making sure they were watered everyday. We were completely overwhelmed by the fantastic response and really appreciated the support our parents gave to their children.

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