About Us

Welcome to The Willows Primary School

The Willows Primary School is part of the Children of Success Schools Trust (COSST) along with Haveley Hey Primary School and The Bridge playgroup community provision.  We believe in learning through partnerships and are part of a variety of networks both in Wythenshawe and beyond.

The Willows values the diversity of our community and embraces the contribution of every individual.  We aim to develop our children as citizens who will make a positive contribution now and in the future.  We believe the children's learning is enriched by their community both inside and outside of school.  Families are actively encouraged to participate in school life.  

Community links are mutually beneficial and we actively support local businesses and organisations.  Our children's education is enhanced through partnerships with outside agencies such as Manchester Airport, The Lifestyle Centre, The Forum and we have strong links and relationships with local High Schools.


The Willows Primary School

Tayfield Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 1BQ