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At The Willows we believe that fostering a love and concern for the environment is an important thread that is woven thorough our curriculum in all year groups. Our children understand the important steps that need to be taken in order to protect our planet for us and future generations.

Children at the Willows are exposed to environmental concerns through our curriculum in geography and science lessons. As well as this, children are exposed to real-life experiences such as waste workshops, litter picking campaigns, traffic protests and access to our quad, where year groups have allotted time with our gardening expert who guides the children in hands on potting, planting and exploring plants and wildlife.

By the time the children leave our school, they will be passionate individuals who are able to talk confidently about environmental issues and how to have a positive impact on the planet.

We are proud to be an Eco-Friendly school that is currently working towards the Eco-School’s Green Flag award. Our ECO committee consists of 10 child representatives from Years 2-6 who fly the flag for the environment in our school. These children are involved in making an ECO action plan each year to continuously raise the profile of improving our habits in school and at home.


This year, our priorities are:

  • Reducing single use plastic
  • Eliminating litter from the school grounds
  • Saving water

The ECO committee are proud to attend various events such as The Wythenshawe Climate Change event, extending our involvement in improving our local area. The ECO committee present assemblies and are responsible for sharing information about their work with the rest of the school.








Eco Team

Our Eco team leaders do a fantastic job of making our school more environmentally friendly.  Led by Miss Hill and Miss Whitelegg, they meet regularly to discuss various events to encourage our school to continue to develop its commitment to environmental issues both locally and nationally.  They lead assemblies to communicate their actions to the wider school and have recently become involved with the Travel Tracker programme to encourage more of our families to walk or cycle to school.  As a team, they regularly look at how our school uses electricity, water and paper and are committed to making sure we continue to develop our recycle, re-use, reduce commitments. Our eco team have extended our forest area with another 30 trees this spring. We have planted Silver Birch, Rowan and Wild Cherry trees. We hope they will grow to be strong trees and eventually we will have a lovely forest area to explore with our children. The eco team is currently made up of year 5 children, to keep to our bubbles, and they did a fantastic job.

We have recently been involved in clearing rubbish and waste from our local environment.

Eco updates: Litter picking club is up and running at lunch times on the KS2 playground. This has been extremely positive and so far we have collected over 5 bags worth of litter. 
There has been a massive reduction in use of plastic cups and lots of children are now bringing a water bottle to school every day. This is having a big impact on the amount of single-use plastic we are disposing of as a school. 
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For further information about Eco Schools, follow the link below.

Nine Topics

The Eco-Schools programme is focused on nine key topics. These are:  
School grounds
Healthy livingTransport
Global citizenship

This section gives you all the details about the three Eco-Schools award levels - Bronze, Silver and Green Flag. The award criteria are closely linked to the Eco-Schools framework, so our Getting Started pages are a good section to read. 

You can also find information about applying to be an Eco-Schools Ambassador as well as details on our Eco-Schools Energy award.

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