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At The Willows we believe that fostering a love and concern for the environment is an important thread that is woven thorough our curriculum in all year groups. Our children understand the important steps that need to be taken in order to protect our planet for us and future generations.

Children at the Willows are exposed to environmental concerns through our curriculum in geography and science lessons. As well as this, children are exposed to real-life experiences such as waste workshops, litter picking campaigns, traffic protests and access to our quad, where year groups have allotted time with our gardening expert who guides the children in hands on potting, planting and exploring plants and wildlife.

By the time the children leave our school, they will be passionate individuals who are able to talk confidently about environmental issues and how to have a positive impact on the planet.

We are proud to be an Eco-Friendly school that is currently working towards the Eco-School’s Green Flag award. Our ECO committee consists of 10 child representatives from Years 2-6 who fly the flag for the environment in our school. These children are involved in making an ECO action plan each year to continuously raise the profile of improving our habits in school and at home.

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