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Place2Be at The Willows Primary School

Place2Be is a children's mental health charity with over 25 years of experience working with pupil, families and staff in UK schools.

We provide mental health support through one to one and group counselling using tried and tested methods backed by research.  We also offer expert training and professional qualifications.

How We Help Families

We routinely meet with parents to discuss any concerns they may have about their children. 

PIPT (Personalised independent parent training)

This is offered to parents and carers who are looking for advice and guidance on how to interact with their children and manage concerning behaviours. This training can help build and improve the parents and carers relationship with their child. These weekly sessions are run by Carol Crawley, Place2Be’s family practitioner.

Parenting Smart

We also offer a six-week online parenting course, offering practical advice on supporting your child and managing behaviour. You can access the course from your mobile phone, tablet, or any other device. Learn more at,

Please follow this link for our 'Parenting Smart Course' to register.

Parent Partnership

Our family practitioner can also offer telephone consultations for up to six weeks which can either be split weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. These sessions are offered as a way to guide, support and offer advice to parents and carers experiencing emotional difficulties linked to their child.

If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Who is Eligible for Place2Be

Any child requiring emotional support for any reason.

How Place2Be works

There is a special Place2Be room inside the school where children can go to express and think about their worries, through talking, creative work and play. Adults that are qualified to work therapeutically, called School Project Managers, support this process, helping children to find new ways of coping with difficulties so they don’t get in the way of friendships or learning.

When to Contact Place2Be

There are times when children feel particularly sad, confused, fearful or angry, due to, for example,  family challenges such as separation or illness, or even the death of a much-loved pet. Some children may become withdrawn; others may become demanding or challenging in their behaviour: that’s when having Place2Be in school is especially helpful.

If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Naomi Thomas (School Project Manager)

0161 437 4444

Carol Crawley (Family Practitioner)


The Willows Primary School

Tayfield Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 1BQ