At The Willows, we strongly believe in the importance of creating global citizens and that Geography is an essential means of teaching children how to become positive contributors to our modern world. We provide geography teaching that builds upon prior learning which prepares young people for the social, economic and environmental surroundings of our modern world. Our bespoke curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and is enhanced through trip, visitors and resources to best meets the needs and interests of the children in our school, such as putting a strong emphasis on Geographical vocabulary in order to overcome the vocabulary deficit that is prevalent in our school’s locality. We utilise the abundance of local resources through the curriculum, such as our Local Area and Wonderful Wythenshawe topics in Years 1 and 2, as well as trips to various locations around the area. By underpinning the curriculum with links to the Unicef Rights of a Child, our children learn to understand the values of our society, and their role and responsibilities as a member of the Wythenshawe community. Children also develop an understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity in the world beyond their local area. By learning about the impact of human geography on the environment, children begin to understand the environmental challenges facing the world and how they can work towards a better, more sustainable future for themselves.
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Geography Super Learning Day

Comments from the children following Geography Super Learning Day:
Nursery:  “I painted a flag”.  “I find a bus". "We find pink- fire engine!” (Points on map)  “We went on a treasure hunt. We found milk and biscuits and we eated them in our den”.  Children retold route around playground.
Reception:   "I liked the dancing in the hall because I like the whole world. I learned some countries in the world.”
“ I liked the bear hunt because it was good! We looked at the map”.
"I liked looking some photos of our holidays because it was so much fun. I went to America and I went to Portugal!”
Year 1:  “We’ve been learning about maps. They’re for finding your way. We made one”.
Year 2:   “We went on a walk around the local area and counted cars with tally”.
Year 4:   “I really liked learning about all the different countries in the world instead of just focusing on one place,  inspired to visit Canada and South America".
Year 5:   “Possibly the best day of school because I love geography. It’s really unique because we don’t usually do a whole day of geography”.
Year 6:   "The best part of today is learning about other peoples countries and cultures and trying their food”. I’m enjoying this because I’m learning about other countries and differences just in case I ever go”. “It makes me feel proud of my country”.

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