Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Language taught at The Willows Primary School is French. Our curriculum is built around the National Curriculum and we use the Primary Languages Network to support our specialist French teacher in delivering high quality, engaging lessons across Key Stage Two. This provides high quality teaching of French for our children alongside sustainable CPD for our teaching staff. Lessons are taught weekly and are interactive and stimulating, encouraging children’s curiosity about the French language and culture.


Our children understand and respond to spoken and written language and as they progress through Key Stage 2 are able to speak with increasing confidence and fluency. Our children are given regular opportunities to speak in French through role play, real life scenarios, songs and rhymes. They write in French for a range of audiences and purposes.

The teaching of languages at the Willows lays the foundation for learning further languages at high school and beyond, equipping children to study and work in careers where this skill is required. 


The Willows Primary School

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