School Action Team

At The Willows, our children are provided with the opportunity to make and lead on decisions which support our school ethos and curriculum. Our school Action Team are a group of children who work on projects that are important to them and represent the views of all of our children.

These are the requirements needed to be a successful and active member of the School Action Team

  • Good communication skills
  • Dedication
  • Be helpful
  • Good team working
  • Be focused
  • Be excellent visionaries
  • Make sure that participation is a positive thing and not a negative one
  • Plan and making decisions
  • Work to help change things for the better
  • Listen to ideas, views and experiences
  • Have a say and an opinion and respecting the views of others
  • Make sure that the children have lots of information about what is going on in school

School Action Team Elections

Our children elected their school action team.  On Friday 1st October 21, they were shortlisted by their class mates.  They read out their manifesto before 5 children were selected.  The polling booths will be set up in the hall so that the children could cast their final votes.  Children voted for 2 children from their class.







Pupil Parliament

Our children attended the Pupil Parliament to discuss what they wanted as their Global Goals!

Pupil Parliament 1.png Pupil Parliament 2.png


IMG_20220524_102201_831.jpg IMG_20220524_103503_763.jpg IMG_20220524_105422_821.jpg IMG_20220524_111926_948.jpg
IMG_20220524_130613_648.jpg IMG_20220524_142011_235.jpg IMG_20220524_141924_154.jpg IMG_20220524_111946_684.jpg












Rights Respecting Gold Award

We hold our 'Rights Respecting' Gold Award.  Our School Action Team played a big part in representing our school and sharing our school ethos with the assessors.

Parking Protest

Our school action team wanted to adress the parking issues outside our front gates.  They had a discussion and felt it would be appropriate to assemble outside school to make our views know.  We made banners, wore light reflective jackets and invited our head of school, Mrs Croke and our local MP, Mike Kane to join us.



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