2 Year Old Provision

Welcome to The Bridge Playgroup Page 

Our objective is to provide a safe place that will help your child explore, play and develop confidence and independence.

We provide activities and experiences inclusive of The Early Years Foundation Stage Profiles.

In order that we can meet your child's needs, we will:

  • talk to you at registration and gather information
  • provide a home visit or stay and play session
  • provide a safe and secure environment that is inclusive to all
  • provide a place where your child can develop speech and language skills

Feedback will include:

  • talking to you about how your child is doing
  • inviting you to come in and share the activities with your child
  • support with social needs

The Bridge, is a community facility for Wythenshawe and was officially launched on Friday, 11th July by The Children of Success Schools Trust, the governing Academy Trust of Haveley Hey and The Willows Primary Schools. It is a great base to provide support to local children, families and bridge the gaps that often exist between schools, parents and the wider community.  It has particular focus on supporting young children in readiness for school, with a  playgroup for 2 year olds.   It  also provides a base for Homestart South Manchester and there will be a nurture room for children with educational needs and a suite of community rooms for hire.

We start our morning at 9:00am - 12:00pm

We start our afternoon at 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Children/parents  are welcomed into playgroup by their Key Person