Welcome to our Year 5 class page.  Your teachers are Mr Cowap and Mr Reynolds.

Follow the link below for a copy of our newsletter so that you can have a look at the exciting learning we will be doing over the next term.  


Our Spring Term Topics:


Year 5 will travel back 5000 years to the dusty realms of ancient Egypt in the ‘Pharaohs’ topic. They will be taking a cruise along the Nile and will discover a world of curses, mummies and kings.  


This term, we'll be flexing our geographical map skills as we study the use of land in Wythenshawe, and produce scaled maps of Mrs Atherton's allotment. We'll be investigating how our climate affects our food production, and learning about how to make a balanced meal using seasonal produce. We'll also go out in to the quad and take photographs, focusing on light and shadow.  


Article 24:
You have the right to the best health care possible,
safe water to drink, nutritious food, a
clean and safe environment, and information
to help you stay well.


Our first Science topic this term 'Material World'

In this topic we will be exploring various different materials (natural and man made) from around the physical world. We will conduct 'fair test' practical experiments to explore the properties of materials and their potential applications.


Our second science topic will be 'Let's Get Moving.'

In this topic children learn about forces and machines. Starting with the force of gravity, they then study friction forces, including air and water resistance, before investigating how simple machines work.  


This term we will continue to look at coding and fixing problems within code sequences. The children enter the second part of their Game Development focus and will be using the Scratch, Java and Python programs.


Every week, children can receive awards for working on their Growth Mindset to help them become more resilient and flexible learners. Watch out for awards for Team Workers, Reflective Learners, Effective Participators, Self Managers, Resourceful Thinkers and Independent Enquirers.



Reading daily is important for your child and just 20 minutes a day is beneficial

In the 'Accelerated Reader' program, children are given books to read which are at just the right level for them. When they complete a book, they take an online quiz so they can test their own understanding of what they have read, and earn points for themselves and their class.

The expectation is for your child to keep a record of what they have read in their reading diary. They need to read at least five times a week. The new diaries allow parents or carers to record the pages that their child read on each day that they read. Children should not write in this section of the diary. Parents or carers should sign by the pages read by their child and write a brief comment. 


The Spring Term starts with a re-visit to our Portal Narrative theme, we will be moving on to Poetry and then focusing on play-scripts and how these use many different writing features and styles.

We will continue to practice spelling and handwriting regularly throughout the term and will focus on a variety of language and grammar features, such as parenthesis, figurative language and more complex sentence structure, within our English lessons.


This year we will be having a huge focus on times tables skills. 

All children in Year 5 should aim to master all times table and division facts up to 12 x 12. 

Their next aim should be to be able to use this knowledge to solve more complex problems mentally or using jotting methods. 

All children have an individual username and password for times table rock stars to help them practice. 


This term we will focus on:

Mental multiplication skills.

Mental division skills.

A formal method for long multiplication.

A formal method for long division.


Decimals .


Article 29:
Your education should help you use and develop
your talents and abilities. 


The Willows aims to make children capable of independent study and full of curiosity about their learning. We expect children to complete the following activities at home on a weekly basis.

  • Their weekly learning log task, handed in punctually by Wednesday each week.
  • Spelling practice so that they meet their personal spelling targets in their test on Tuesdays. After each test, their new spellings for the next week will be given out.
  • Reading at least 5 times a week, ideally with an adult.

If children complete all of these activities, they will be rewarded in school with 35 minutes of 'Golden Time' on Friday afternoons. There will be a range of fun activities for them to choose from. If children are not completing these activities at home, then this time will be used to help them develop independent study skills.


There will be chance for the children to make their own Canopic Jars. 


Children are expected to attend school in full school uniform. Details of uniform are available from reception. Have a look at our new uniform display in reception. It also provides details about book bags and lunch money.

Children also need to ensure they bring a coat to school.


The children are provided with a PE kit. On Tuesdays, both 5AC and 5AR have dance. On Friday, both classes will be learning Tag Rugby. Please can you ensure your child brings in trainers and tracksuit bottoms for outdoor games on Fridays.


Learning Logs

Learning logs will be sent home on a Friday, to be completed by Wednesday.. Learning logs give the children the opportunity to master skills they have been developing in class, explore our fantastic topics further and share the learning with the family.

There is a parent feed back box for your opinions and suggestions.We look forward to hearing from you.


Spelling tests will be held on Friday in both 5AC and 5AR.

New spellings will be set on Friday for the following weeks test.


Children are encouraged to use ttrockstars.com. Each child has individual targets to practise.


Every Thursday morning, both 5AC and 5AR have a session with George from Anchor Education. They learn spellings, grammar and punctuation through drama. You can listen to George's songs by following him on youtube or clicking on the link below.